Highway Department

Open Monday - Thursday 6am-4pm

Highway Superintendent
Mike Barry
Work: 315-343-3036/Fax 315-343-0772
Cell: 315-593-9785
[email protected]

Deputy Highway Superintendent
Scott Shafer                                                                      
Work: 315-343-3036/Fax 315-343-0772

Highway Department Mailbox Replacement Concerns:

Please be aware that the Town of Scriba snow plow operators are not liable for a damaged mailbox per NYS V&TL Section 1103(b). However, as a courtesy we do offer to replace your damaged mailbox with a standard mailbox at no charge.

Please call the Highway Department to leave a message reporting the location of the damaged mailbox and we will get to it as soon as weather permits.

42 Creamery Road



Basketball Hoops

Please remove your Basketball Hoops from the side of the road during the winter months to allow the snowplows to clean the roads. Thank You for your cooperation.

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Highway Clerk                                                                          Jennifer Cory                    

Work: 315-343-3036/Fax 315-343-0772

[email protected]

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