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Comprehensive Plan

June 7, 2000

9.13.23 Agenda

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2023 Scriba Comprehensive  Plan Draft & Survey Results

1.11.23 Agenda

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The Town of Scriba does not have zoning.  

The Town does have land use regulations in the form of the Site Plan Review.  This regulates the arrangement, layout and design of certain proposed uses of parcels of land within the Town of Scriba; in accordance with the regulations set forth in Local Law #2, dated July 6, 2022.  This includes any commercial development including, but not limited to warehousing, mobile home parks and commercial solar installations.    

The full Site Plan Regulation is available on this website

Meetings are held every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm

10.11.23 Minutes

1.10.24 Agenda

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Landfill Operational Management Permit

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Regulating the accomodation of Solar Energy Systems

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Solar Energy Systems Application

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