Director of Water
Jon Lacey ( Interim)

City of Oswego Water Treament Plant Manager
315-342-6894 Scriba Office315-342-8187 Oswego Office[email protected]


Water & Facilities Clerk
Jamie McConnell
315-342-6894/Fax 315-342-3723
[email protected]

Water Billing Clerk
Penny Shenefiel
315-342-6342/Fax 315-342-3723
[email protected]



Emergency Contact Number

Water Department

Office Hours Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

                         Water Meter Policy Change
We have recently been made aware, by our Water Meter Provider, that when a Water Meter freezes and/or a Freeze Plate breaks, the intricate parts within the Meter Base become damaged causing the meter to read inaccurately or become unreadable.  Therefore, starting January 2014 if you find yourself in this situation, it is our policy that a Water Dept. Operator will come to your home to do a Meter Base Replacement at the homeowners expense. Pricing related to this expense can be found in the Material and Service Charges download above. This amount charged can be added to your quarterly water bill.  Please do not bypass this process. Contact our office at 315-342-6894 to schedule an appointment.


41 Creamery Road

Water Conservation tips

Seasonal Turn ON Permission Form

Seasonal Customers contact Jamie for turn on/turn off at 315-342-6894

Material and Service Charges effective 1.1.2024

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